Auflug in den Spreewald


Spreewald Forest with traditional punting tour

The Spreewald Forest lies in the Lower Lausitz region to the south of Berlin and is characterized by a meandering labyrinth of waterways and tributaries of the River Spree. Even today, these waterways are often the only connection between one farm or field or neighboring village and the other. Sorbs and Wends have been living in the Spreewald Forest since the Slavic settlement in the 6th century. To this day, they have preserved their language and cultural identity.

Enjoy a comfortable coach trip to the city Burg in the Spreewald Forest. Upon your arrival in the Waldschlösschen harbor, let us treat you to some pickled gherkins with bread and lard, a specialty typical for this region. Afterwards, admire the extraordinary charm of this unique biosphere reserve on a traditional punting tour. A genuine Spreewald ferryman will punt you through the labyrinth of creeks on a traditional Spreewald boat. After the boat trip, seize the opportunity to taste the typical Spreewald Forest cuisine (not included in the price).



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